Welcome to Podspeakers’ UK Sole Distributor


Welcome to the Podspeakers UK Distributor website.   We hope you enjoy browsing this very different product range. More information is available on the Official Podspeakers website.

With a very significant investment from the new owners, EET, the whole Podspeakers range has been redesigned from the ground up, improving every single part, from the new Fibre reinforced enclosures, new black Kevlar drivers, new tweeters, electronics, and sophisticated new assembly techniques.  In fact the only thing that hasn’t changed is the shape !

If you’re familiar with the great sound of older Scandyna models, you’ll surely hear a huge improvement in every aspect of the sound, without losing the sense of involvement and “grin factor” of the originals.  These are proper grown up high end audiophile speakers that have to be heard to be believed.  They are quite astonishing.

Podspeakers are a different approach to loudspeakers. In the way that an egg is extremely strong due to it’s shape, the Podspeakers shape is the strength to producing their great sound. The lack of flat parallel sides eliminates standing waves (resonances) inside the enclosure which results in a much cleaner, more open sound.

You can purchase any of the Podspeakers by clicking on the “where to buy” link at the top of the page, or here to go straight to our web store.

It’s our goal to enable you to hear how good these speakers sound. So often, good looking lifestyle type products fail to achieve this, however Podspeakers dare to be different. So, come to our showroom where we can show you that great looking speakers can also sound fantastic.

Our Sales and Customer Support are backed up by our ISO9001:2008 quality assurance system – a rare qualification in this industry and the only officially recognised quality control system throughout Europe and the rest of the world. Click Here to see our QA Certificate