MicroPod SE MKII


Micropod SE MkII

The Next Generation Micropod SE MKII has, like its larger family, been completely updated from the ground up, with new Kevlar drive unit, new tweeter, new crossover circuit and fibre reinforced enclosure.  This agile little speaker belies its size giving a monumental sound stage due to its fast response and phase (timing) accuracy.  Improved bass response gives these speakers an impressive and very engaging sound which is both detailed, accurate and very involving.  They will bring a big smile to your face when driven with a good quality source.

These are the perfect accompanyment for your desktop PC, or as a satellite speaker.

Available now in Black, White and Red finishes.     A wall bracket is also available.

Micropod black Medium  MicroPod_White_medium  MicroPod_Red_Medium  MicroPod_Red_rear medium


Micropod Lifestyle shot