The service I received was absolutely exceptional. I  can’t think of another company that would go to the same lengths to help someone who purchased their products eight years ago. I can’t recommend them highly enough.
Matthew Price, London


HiFi Cinema found a perfect solution to my home entertainment predicament  by supporting my Scandyna product even outside of warranty. I’m really impressed with the service provided and will definitely use them again when I build another home cinema. Highly recommended.



I am an interiors photographer and have owned an original pair of  electric blue Minipods for over a decade now, using them as props in many of my photo shoots, and now with the revised Minipods I was eager to use a different colour speaker to compliment the work I do. Always on the lookout for outstanding products, their unique design caught my eye from the start and they look amazing in a variety of  colours and situations, be it a modern traditional home or something more contemporary.

The Podspeakers range of speakers are so different from anything else on the market and I find that the owners of the houses I shoot don’t want me to take them away, but I love them too. It’s not just their aesthetics that are so pleasing, it’s the sound they create. Designed in Denmark and built to last, these speakers really pack a punch with beautiful clarity giving my music collection a new lease of life. Watching movies with a quartet of Minipods is simply astonishing.

Andrew Dee.

Commercial Photographer


From: Mr T.J.

I made an inquiry about replacement parts and received a very quick response.(Less 2 than hours)
Having placed my order I received an email from Alan Gornall (MD) who politely asked if I had ordered the right parts.
He also advised me on how to check this, I had indeed ordered incorrectly and thanks to his assistance have now ordered the right units.
In the age of “take your money and worry about the service later” companies. HiFi Cinema are a refreshing change putting the customers needs first.
Many thanks & my recommendations.



Hi Alan,

Thanks for getting the trim rings despatched so quickly.
I have tried the rings on my Minipods and they fit a treat! I’m very pleased with the results and being black should not sun-fade.
I’ve been very impressed with your customer service from the initial email reply to the fast delivery, you’ve got to be one of the best companies I have dealt with.
I’ve attached a couple of pics of the before and end results for your reference.
A very happy customer.
A. B.


Dear Sirs

Podspeakers Drop Speakers

Having used the Podspeakers for a couple of months now I thought I would write and let you know how absolutely delighted I am with their performance.

I should mention also that these speakers are being used in a large conservatory which is not the best acoustic environment. The drops are mounted on the window ledge at the far end to give a clutter free environment amongst the houseplants etc. being powered by a Sonos ZP120 amplifier also sited on the window ledge.

These speakers replaced much larger Celestion speakers and although I had heard the units previously at a Demo I was somewhat sceptical that they would fill the room and the sound would reflect their size.

I have however been completely bowled over by both the “fullness” of the sound and the detail particularly vocals that they can give even at high volume levels.

Taking into account their very reasonable cost they offer quite astonishing value for money. I understand that they can be part of an integrated sound system by the same manufacturer to include a subwoofer although in my case I do not think it is necessary.

We do quite a lot of entertaining in the summer months in the conservatory and all our guests have commented on their “whacky” looks having not come across anything quite like them. They have all been very impressed with their sonic performance and I believe some of them will be contacting you to buy their own.

I do not normally praise products but thought these units really merited it.

I would mention I have a further HI FI system comprising a Linn Akurate DS streamer with a surround system comprising Dali Mentor 8 s amongst others so I am well use to top end sound delivery and am quite happy to sit down in the evening and listen to the drops rather than  venturing into the lounge

Congratulations on an excellent product.


Yours faithfully

Graham Corney.




Just a quick email to thank you for your assistance in finding a replacement part for my Scandyna Docking Station. I wasn’t really expecting much but your quick response and superb customer service exceeded my expectations. Customer service does mean a lot to me and is worth paying that little bit more to have piece of mind should anything go wrong. In future I will not hesitate to purchase any Scandyna products as I know I will receive a first class service should anything go wrong.

Once again thank you for your time and effort.





Hi Alan,

Speakers arrived safe and well.  They look even nicer than I expected.  Haven’t had a chance to connect them up yet, but hope to give them a try this weekend.

Thanks again for the excellent customer service.



Gave the little fellas a run on Saturday (approx. 2hrs).  The midrange and treble is lovely and the bass (although a little light) is taut and well controlled.

I tried them on my old set-up which uses a Harmon Kardon stereo amp with an Arcam IPOD dock.  My Q-Acoustics speakers with this set-up are much more bassy, but the overall presentation of the drops is much nicer.  I always had to turn down the bass in the past to stop it booming too much.

I look forward to giving them a proper work-out with my Naim/Pioneer setup when my new cabinet arrives, which I must chase this week.

I will definitely email you first, when I next decide to upgrade.

Thanks again.